Kalrez® TriLobe™ Seals

Kalrez® TriLobe™ Seals | DuPont

DuPont has developed a unique seal design to improve seal life in dovetail grooves. This design benefits from the excellent chemical, thermal and plasma resistance of DuPont Kalrez® perfluoroelastomer parts with a unique cross-sectional trilobe seal that eliminates many of the problems associated with semi-dynamic seal applications using a dovetail groove. These problems include installation difficulties as well as short seal life and particle generation due to seal wear and degradation.

Features and Benefits

  • Molded notch makes installation a snap
  • Reduces installation time.
  • Avoids improper installation.
  • Geometry interlocks in groove to prevent seal from rolling and twisting during installation.
  • Bottom lobes lock seal in place to resist pullout and movement during actuation.
  • Seal parting lines are maintained below the flange surface, eliminating direct exposure to plasma or process chemicals.
  • Seal design and compound selection combine to yield reduced particle generation and significantly increase seal life.

Suggested Applications

  • Slit valve doors
  • Gate valves
  • Semi-dynamic sealing applications that utilize a dovetail groove configuration


  • Molds have already been developed for a number of common slit valve door seal part sizes.
  • A DuPont Kalrez® TriLobeseal can be developed to fit any size dovetail groove.
  • The Kalrez® TriLobe seal is available in a variety of compounds.

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