2017 is the 50th anniversary of the birth of the Tyvek® brand. DuPont initiated a ceremony for domestic designers, artists, CMF materials experts, business planning experts, and everyone interested in Tyvek® materials and design. Design Competition - For Greater GoodTM - The DuPontTM Tyvek® Creative Design Competition calls on everyone to explore the infinite potential of Tyvek® materials and create more unique and technologically-rich design and creative products. At the same time, outstanding designers and experts in the design field were also invited to form a strong jury group: Zeng Hui (chairman of the contest judges), deputy director of the Beijing International Design Week Organizing Committee, and director of planning; Huang Xiaojing, well-known design strategies and trends Experts; He Genxiang, Cross-border Curator, Too Flamingo, Scientific Aesthetics, Co-founder and Aesthetic Director of Wanli Scholars; Ji Cheng, Representative of Chinese Fashion Designers, Founder of JICHENG/Knitting byJicheng; Design by Max Gunawan, Lumio Founder of the studio, Token Hu, founder of "Maverick Electric"; Zhang Lei, founded "Product Logistics" and was the chief designer.

After hundreds of designers and fierce competition for several months, the last three exquisite designs won the prize of the Tyvek® Creative Design Competition.

1. MOON & CLOUD by VDC Design Associates
Series design works using paper laser cutting process at the same time, creating infinite possibilities of material form.

MOON can be a home lamp or a large space device. It makes full use of the highly diffuse nature of Tyvek®, making the light more uniform in space, combining minimal and changing graphics laser cutting process, perfectly showing the bright moon-like Pure ethereal.

CLOUD starts with Tyvek®'s ultra-soft and silky texture, inspired by clouds, processed by laser cutting, hollowed out and pierced, to create a cloud-based sensory vision, suitable for use in indoor blinds or split-space devices.

Contest Jury Review:

Zeng Hui: “Imaginative work has enabled Tyvek® materials to develop fantastic visual effects through the laser cutting process. Under the influence of light sources, it presents a unique layering and graphic language, and can be used as a diversified, serialized life. Space supplies."

Huang Xiaojing: “The combination of Tyvek® materials and laser cutting technology with blinds and lamps is innovative. The visual effects of Tyvek® materials like rice paper are reflected in detail; the backlight effect is very suitable for highlighting delicate fibers and viewing in close quarters. According to the “China Design Trends Report”, Chinese consumers are looking for a romantic personal feeling.The gradual and hollow pattern in this work has a good decorative effect, creating a modern landscape painting with lyricism and poetry. Effect."

He Genxiang: “The design makes full use of Tyvek®'s tear-resistant and semi-translucent properties, and it makes good use of modern laser technology, which gives the artistic and spatial plasticity of Tyvek®. Plus, the use of light gives the Tyvek®+ laser pattern. Unlimited imagination."

Token Hu: "The beauty of the balance between blank and point questions, the use of fabric material properties (fiber spray molding) and laser cutting process organic combination, taking into account the practical lighting, through the contrast of light and shade and light language to create a Chinese landscape concept. There are rare works that integrate new technologies, new fabrics, and traditional Chinese aesthetics."

Max Gunawan: "Combination of a beautiful and functional lighting design that highlights the beauty of the Tyvek® material by smartly using pattern of perforations to mimic the glowing surface of a moon."

Zhang Lei: “In this work, the designer used the laser cutting process on Tyvek®, a further evolution of the language of paper. A small window was opened for Tyvek® and it was possible to continue creating without a break. Go on.

Tyvek® is an environmentally friendly, recyclable fabric that is highly compatible with the brand's emphasis on environmental protection and sustainable consumption. We hope to implement environmental protection and sustainable consumption. The original intention and process of creation always runs through our minimalist and introverted style. We value the texture of fabrics and details, focusing on the series of double-sided multi-function processing, and the design concept of not having too much force under the premise of beauty.

Contest Jury Review:

Zeng Hui: “Design thinking starts from the user and brings out the moisture-proof, waterproof, lightweight and pliable characteristics of Tyvek® materials. It is a design that combines leisure and travel apparel with fashion features, and has a wide range of ease of use and low cost. Wumart."

Max Gunawan: "For the beautiful execution of a wall thought out fashion collection. The designer has remained the effect of Tyvek® into a versatile fabric that looks stylish and functional."

Token Hu: “A high degree of understanding of the characteristics of Tyvek® fabrics and their organic combination with other materials, highlighting Tyvek®'s outdoor capabilities, and effectively improving the drape feel through cutting. In both functional and fashion At the same time, an iconic design with real wearability was made."

Zhang Lei: “The degree of completion of the work is very high. The bright blue application out of the original white impression given by Tyvek®.

3. Escape From The Moon by Si Ye, Tao Hao, Zhang Xuesen - Department of Product Design, School of Design, Jiangnan University, undergraduate students
Tyvek® looks like paper but is very different from plain paper. Tyvek® is harder, harder to ignite, and resistant to chemical attack; it can be baked 100 to three degrees bain without an open flame and has a very beautiful texture, much like the surface of a meteorite There is uneven texture. We made full use of the material's characteristics of fire baking and dyeing. We mainly extracted the element of vermiculite and made a variety of different shapes of vermiculite through folding. It is not only with a different sense of geometry, but also echoes each other through size and other aspects. . After folding, we also selected some of the more distinctive features of the fire to create a meteorite texture. With the addition of light, the entire surface of the meteorites has both a textured texture and the basic texture of Tyvek® itself. We chose waste newspapers and landscaping mud as the base of the work. After the layers of steps, the lunar surface irregularities and craters were considered, creating the feeling of the lunar surface. Finally, we use the transparent silk to hang the meteorites, or place and fix them, and mix them with warm lighting to finally create a quiet and feminine space.

Contest Jury Review:
Zeng Hui: “Using the translucency, flexibility, dyeing effect, and special texture of Tyvek® materials to create a meteorite shape from space and create a variegated luminaire shape with the qualities of Oriental living aesthetics. It is easy to fold and easy to carry. , to bring a unique light perception to the user."

Zhang Lei: “In all works, the only work that uses temperature-change material language is the high-temperature qualitative method that helps designers create the convex-concave texture of the lunar surface. With dyeing, it gives him endless changes. The reason for choosing this work is Designers are concerned about the material itself rather than using it directly."    

Token Hu: "We combine the fold characteristics of the material weaknesses with the rugged surface of the rock, which is uneven, and do not mix the material with the three-dimensional structure. The same creative direction, through the use of different colors, coincides with the current popular design sense. Fashion trends reflect the designer's understanding of colors and textures."

4. Other outstanding works
In addition to the above-mentioned three sets of creative design awards, there are many outstanding works that have limited places and failed to win awards. With the consent of the authors, some of the works will be shared on the platform.

FAIRYWEAR Children's Poncho by Yu Xiang & Chen Xiaotian, Photosynthesis Design Consultant Designer

Contest judges comment:
Huang Xiaojing: “This FAIRYWEAR children's raincoat utilizes the thin, portable, waterproof and breathable nature of Tyvek® material. The design of animal beasts is very interesting and the children will have the pleasure of playing a role. The blue-green color matches the current color trend and reflects Tyvek® has excellent color printing."

Weave bag by Luo Gan, Guangzhou University of South China University of Technology

Contest judges comment:
He Genxiang: “The combination of various materials and Tyvek® design allows the surface texture to be richer and more varied. At the same time, it greatly contributes to the light ventilation and durability of Tyvek® materials. It is a good attempt at both design effect and practicality. "

A natural and vivid deciduous carpet by VDC Design Associates
Gives "Tyvek®" a new texture. The layered tassel structure gives the material a new look and texture. Using this design form can be extended to more hierarchical design. Trigger infinite possibilities.

Contest judges comment:
Max Gunawan: "Artistic use of the material into a beautiful wall covering by layering simple forms to create something complex and unexpected."

"Little Dirty Fish" Bib by VDC Design Associates

Contest judges comment:
Huang Xiaojing: “Using Tyvek® materials in baby products is a clever use of dirt-repellent, washable, durable, and lightweight materials. The product naming small dirty fish uses the homonym of octopus, and it vividly describes the characteristics of the dirt-resistant product, octopus claws. The formation of a very abstract lace, so that parents and children to share time together have become very childlike. The big rounded corners are baby-friendly design."

Bag & Dog Bag by Huang Manxi, Show Designer of Shanghai Zhiyi Fashion Group Business Development Co., Ltd.
Bag planting - Portable body care package designed for urban people; "Doggy bag" - Pencil package designed for designing dogs, portable visualized

Contest judges comment:
He Genxiang: “The friends who often use color pens do have the problems of storage and selection. This design solves this problem very well. It is simple, light and practical and can be created according to individual needs.”

 WHLII Series Backpack by Wang Huiyi & Deng Zhenlong, Independent Designer

The series aims to create environmentally friendly and stylish products. Using Tyvek® eco-friendly materials for durability and unique textures, users can create unique marks that will last a long time. "Double-faced use" design concept, inside and outside different colors and patterns, can be used with different occasions and costumes, reduce duplication of purchases, hoping to bring people to upgrade the concept of environmental protection.